Welcome to the Crypto Homies Genesis Collection!

The Homies Founder’s Edition NFT series is a limited 2D PFP collection based on the 25-year-old Homies brand, featuring original artwork designed by David Gonzales between 1998 and 2009. The collection includes some of the most famous Homies, such as Eightball and Willie G. Homies first appeared in Low Rider Magazine as a comic strip by David Gonzales, which eventually led to physical figurines in quarter machines and larger scale distribution online and in big box stores, selling over 120+ million figurines in total. David Gonzales is still involved today and is releasing new characters, products, and toys with his son Anthony Gonzales bringing these characters into the 3D realm for the upcoming Genesis Series 1 collection.

Step into a world of unique digital collectibles inspired by the first six characters (Big Loco, Droopy, Eightball, Mr. Raza, Sapo, & Smiley) that launched David’s iconic toy line back in 1998. The Genesis Collection is a heartfelt tribute to the roots of the Homies brand, capturing the essence of its rich history and cultural significance.

Immerse yourself in the Genesis Collection’s limited edition 3D digital collectibles. Each NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain using the cutting-edge ERC721A contract. This innovative contract deploys two separate contracts—one for the Genesis collection and another for the general collection. The general collection consists of the Standard and Tagged sets, while the Genesis collection holds a special place for those who cherish the original Homies characters.

As a collector, we want to reward your passion for amassing multiple Homies and sets. After minting, you’ll unlock exciting benefits that will be revealed in detail. We believe in building a strong and supportive community where every collector feels valued and engaged.

What sets the Genesis Collection apart is the personal touch of authenticity. Every Genesis NFT in this exclusive series is personally signed by David G himself. Additionally, each Genesis, Standard, and Tagged NFT comes with an exclusive Snoop Dogg track, elevating your Crypto Homie experience to new heights.

Genesis Collection - THE NFTs

The Genesis Collection comprises 1,998 pieces—a symbolic number representing the year it all began. Alongside the rarity levels (OG, Rare, Medium Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare), the Genesis Collection showcases five extraordinary 1-of-1 sets. These sets include Gold, Silver, Day of the Dead, Capsule (a throwback to the original toy colorways and Deco), and DIY (white) sets. The DIY set offers an exciting opportunity to design your very own Homie based on the character you minted, adding a personalized touch to your collection.

Collaborating with esteemed partners, we’ve created close to 100 1-of-1s, featuring collaborations with Zinu, OG Apes, Dooggies, Snuggle Buddies, ATS, Ralph Sampson, Kik Wear, Conart, Green Queen, and many more. These unique collaborations bring diversity and creativity to the Crypto Homies universe.

Community at the foundation

For collectors seeking a wider range of options, the general collection encompasses standard and tagged pieces, each classified into five distinct rarity levels. This ensures that every collector, regardless of their preferences, can find something special within the Crypto Homies universe.

Owning a Genesis NFT unlocks a world of utility and exclusive benefits. In addition to receiving free mints from future drops, you'll gain access to a token-gated marketplace where limited edition exclusive Crypto Homie toy drops and exclusive apparel await. We're committed to delivering a holistic experience that transcends the digital realm.

Exciting news awaits regarding our ERC $ESE Token. Stay tuned as we reveal more details soon. This token will enhance your Crypto Homies experience by providing additional opportunities for engagement, rewards, and community involvement.

Join us on this incredible journey as we pay tribute to the original Homies characters and celebrate the vibrant world of Crypto Homies. Minting for the Genesis Collection opens on July 12th, so mark your calendars and follow us on social media for the latest updates and announcements. We can't wait to have you become an integral part of the Crypto Homies community!

The utility we create will evolve and expand as we explore the possibilities of the Web3 era and the Metaverse, pushing the boundaries of ownership access and experience.


David Gonzales Artist Hollywood

David Gonzales

Creator & Artist

Clown Prince Sid

"Clown Prince"


Ronny Jokawild Operations



Jen Babydoll Marketing



Ziggy Dreamer Creative



Dianne Bouncy Strategy



Reese Old School Graphics

"Old School"


Jim Papichulo Legal



"MR. Paz"




Cesar Santos Manufacturing & Distribution


Manufacturing & Distribution

Anthony Mad Bomber Creative

"Mad Bomber"













CRYPTO HOMIES are interactive 3D digital collectible #NFTs based on the 25-year-old HOMIES brand and established on community, culture, and collaboration.

100%. Be sure to check back for special AMA’s and hangouts featuring David Gonzales.

NFTs can be purchased directly through our website with the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

We are supporting and making a donation to Homeboy Industries, the largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world that provides training and support for former gang-involved and previously. incarcerated people.​

The exact amount will be announced closer to the mint date.

CRYPTO HOMIES can be collected, traded, and sold in the secondary market, and in the near future, you can interact with them in the CRYPTO HOMIES augmented reality (AR) app. Please review NFT DIGITAL COLLECTIBLES TERMS AND CONDITION for more information and disclosures. Join Discord for updates and surprises. 

Please join Discord for updates and check out our roadmap for more information. 

Become whitelisted for pre-sale by following instructions provided in our Discord at Anyone can join the public sale on our website at during the public mint date and time.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are secured and contained on the blockchain. The blockchain verifies ownership, provenance, and transaction history.

“Secondary market” refers to all NFT sales that occur after the initial NFT purchase. Official secondary market links will be posted to our website post-mint.

Your crypto wallet is where you can view your cryptocurrency assets and transactions, all in one place. It’s also where you confirm any transactions in process. Different wallets have different features. For example, some allow you to view NFTs from a smartphone. Popular wallets include Coinbase and Metamask.

First, you must purchase Ethereum (ETH) through an online exchange. Once you have purchased ETH, you will need to have it in your wallet in order to buy an NFT, which involved sending ETH to your unique wallet address. Please note there are limits on the amounts of ETH you can buy and sell based on your account and the platform you’re using to purchase ETH. There are also time delays from when you buy your ETH to when you can transfer it to your wallet to make NFT purchases. Most platforms require you to hold the money in your wallet before you can transfer it to use for purchases.

The blockchain depends on processing power provided by a decentralized network of computers. Minting fees, often called “gas fees” are what the members of this network earn in return for the processing power they provide. Gas fees can fluctuate according to the amount of traffic on the blockchain at any given moment but cannot be avoided.

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